EV Charger

Full range Charging station: 3.6KW/7.4KW/11KW/22KW available, 1 phase/3 phase, with Type 2 plug/socket compatible with all branded electrical vechices

Smart Charging: Remote control through the App, Backup log and export charging data, Possible to configure the current and Watt

LCD touch screeneasy access to show and configure the charging power, real-time current, charging time and charging capacity

Safety and reliability: Load balancing, over/undervoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, earth fault protection, protection against overheating

Certifications: TUV, ROHS, UL, and CE certifications etc supported

Fast delivery: we keep local stock, deliver in 3-5 days after payment

Solar Panel

Efficiency: High power up to 580W, module efficiency up to 21.2%

Reliable Residential Module: available with black or silver frames

Environmental Resistant: Excellent wind Load 2400Pa & snow load 5400Pa under certain Installation method, lower temperature coefficient

Warranty: Up to 15 years Guarantee and 30 years warranty

Fast delivery: We keep local stock, deliver in 3-5 days after payment

Certifications: A grade solar panels with TUV/CE, PID free, QC report


Single phase, three phase solution optional

Safty & reliablility: Integrated lightning protection for both DC and AC

High efficiency:  with Max. 98.6% efficiency, European weighted efficiency 98.2%

Intelligent and friendly use: Support wireless and wired internet connection (RS485, WiFi/GPRS/LAN optional);Fast and easy configuration via App or OLED display

Fast delivery: We keep local stock, deliver in 3-5 days after payment

Warranty: Standard 5 years warranty, extendable warranty available

Energy Storage

With a home energy storage you can store excess energy generated by solar panel, to ensure self-sufficience use at peak time and become less dependant on the grid. We have multiple choices for you to well design for your best and affordable home energy storage solution.                             

High Performance: LFP battery cell, safe and reliable 24-hour standby power, worry  free in case of blackout, expandable battery from 5.12kwh to 30.72kwh

Economic & Intelligent: Self-use PV generation to reduce carbon emissions; Charging at peak daytime and discharging at vally nighttime

Easy to Install: Plug and play, easy to install, stackable battery packs, flexible expansion of standby power

Fast delivery: We keep local stock, deliver in 3-5 days after payment